Team of Experts

Our team of experts, comprised of surgeons - who all have PHDs, dietitians, psychiatrists and anesthetists, who are specialized in Bariatric Surgery will be cooperating with you to analyse each situation closely and discuss the procedure at hand, assessing both the advantages and disadvantages for each case before advising you on a procedure, It is our responsibility to guide you to a final decision that ensures the best possible results.

Physical and Psychological Support

An anesthetic and bariatric team, specialized in severe obesity cases, will accompany you during the postoperative phases to facilitate your road to recovery.

Post-operative Services

Direct contact with Dr. Osama Taha. 24/7 helpline by phone call or Whatsapp giving direct contact to the surgery, nutrition, and psychiatry departments. An application on your phone to access all your data at any time. Especially convenient for our foreign patients to stay connected with our expert teams. A One-year follow-up with 14 scheduled visits fully covered by our entire team sectors.

Nutritional Support

A nutrition team that is specialized in post-bariatric diet management will assist you to set and achieve a post-operative target weight as well as to maintain a healthy lifestyle.